Genocide Dolphins – Surreal cyberpunk game coming soon!

Genocide Dolphins is a surreal fps/tps – rpg/adventure set in the distant future. A set of brand new toilet cleaning droids with advanced AI suddenly experience an intelligence explosion and become sentient. Not content with cleaning toilets for a living they decide it’s better to take a leaf out of the locals’ books. That is spending their days drinking, smoking and generally being rude, selfish and cruel. Their creators, Dolphinia don’t like this much, so they send all the local gangs after the droids to kill them. Dolphinia are the “Genocide Dolphins”, trying to wipe out a unique race which is the first and last of its kind.

You play as the 3 brothers who they’re trying to wipe out (you can swap characters at any time, each live in their own city). You decide not to let Dolphinia kill you, and to do this you will take on gangs, drink in bars to find out more about your creator and generally experience life for the first time as you formulate your plan. The singularity is here today and you are the star of the show.

GD also features a lot of humour, and plays heavily on visiting bars and restaurants, so you can make your way through their menu to increase abilities and learn info about Dolphinia. There’s a stock market, you can buy businesses, take on freelance jobs etc, and a story related to how you fight back at Dolphinia and bring peace to the city. You do this by teaming up with another AI in the world (Boniface, a huge face from the original days of the settlement) who has become dependent on the liquids in his cooling pond which are contaminated with drugs and alcohol from everyone vomiting or relieving themself in his cooling pond for many years after drinking and taking drugs.

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