TyneBloq – add crypto currency and NFTs to your game in days not months.

Are you a unity developer looking to integrate your game into the blockchain? If so TyneBloq simplifies the process significantly. Currently TyneBloq is a service I provide rather than an SDK, but that will come in time.

So what exactly is it?


Integrate your own crypto currency into your game. Allows “play to earn” style unity games where players can earn crypto simply by finding easter eggs in your game!

Allow players to find and own NFTs hidden in your game. This offers them the chance to mint and own them on the blockchain. They will automatically appear in opensea.io which in turn means they can sell them to the highest bidder.

NFTs don’t need to be useless pixel art pictures of a stoned monkey, they can be much more. In our own game Tenement (see tenement.online) NFTs give players special characters, extra powers and even golden guns (which are one hit kill). The first NFT found in Tenement was RED CARLOS, which gives the player more health and the ability to recover health over time, as well as a funky unique bright red suit.

Avoid the endless pain and hassle of integrating this yourself with TyneBloq. I will integrate it for you using my own libraries. You will get full access to the code as well as a document explaining the entire process, from deploying a contract on the blockchain to minting your first coins or NFTs!..

If you are interested email me today gaz at tynepunk.com

Hey I’m a Tenement millionaire!
Metamask showing the first crypto I ever earned in my own game.

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